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Hands-on Review: Xinuos OpenServer X

A FreeBSD spin produced by the same company that bought SCO (yes, you read all of that correctly) Read more »

Hands-on Review: Cowboy Web Server

A high-performance Erlang web server produced by Nine Nines Read more »

Hands-on Review: Fedora 22 Workstation

Released on 26 May 2015 Read more »

The Rise of Elitism in FOSS

WARNING: This post consists primarily of opinion, rather than fact. You might even quite fairly call it a 'rant.' Read more »

The Death of Hardware RAID

Why software RAID is now a superior option in most situations Read more »

Comparison of OpenSolaris Derivatives

An evaluation of the good, bad, and ugly among contemporary OpenSolaris descendants Read more »

The Term is "Write Once, Run Anywhere"

How "write once, run anywhere" became "write once, run everywhere" and why that shift has been a disaster Read more »

An Afternoon Stroll with DTrace

"Your One-Stop Shop for Full Stack Instrumentation and Debugging" Read more »

Vexing the Snoops

Practical Thoughts on the Recent Disclosure of NSA Tools and Tactics Read more »

Mind the Gap

Reasons that End Users are Constantly Frustrated with Tech Support Read more »

fun() -> functional end.

Discovering a Powerful New Programming Language by Leaving the Beaten Path Read more »